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The region of the Lipizzaner

It’s a special part of Styria, the region where the white horses have their origin. Where Schilcher Straße ends, a valley where land and people have kept their own character. Gently rolling hills to challenging steep mountain slopes – there is something for every hikers taste. Wonderful walks for all ages through miles of marked hiking trails through scenic countryside with beautiful forests and green meadows.

The ‘Hundertwasser’ Church

The St. Barbara is a colourful, cheerful-looking church built by master Friedensreich Hundertwasser. The tower, the roof, the walls, the onion-shaped spire and golden bulbs provide a colourful spectacle that is rich in forms.


The ‘Schilcher Weinstraße’

The ‘Schilcher Weinstraße’ is really worth a visit. This street starts in the south in Eibiswald and runs through Deutschlandsberg to Ligist. As the name implies, Schilcher (rosé) flows here abundantly. This wine is protected by law and is extracted from the blue Wildbachertraub.

The Müller- Thurgau, Weißburgunder, Welsch Riesling and Zweigelt are harvested here.

Therme-NOVA Köflach

Relax, enjoy and experience – it’s all possible at Therme Nova. In special areas you can experience the elements, see feel, smell and hear the water and light.
There is also a 25m – meter pool for couples who do not want to floating in the warm water.

A special area for children is under construction.

The Graz belltower

The mail atraction during each tour of the castle mountain and symbol of the city of Graz is the bell tower. In Graz it still keeps time since 1712 using the original clock and is one of the oldest bells in the country (1382).

The tower was built in 1560. The tower with it’s characteristic wooden passage is famous for it’s numerous love stories. It’s is also the symbol of the city: heren, many residents of Graz will have there first kiss together.

Stölzle glass museum

The glass museum in the Stölzle Glass Center in Bärnbach preserves and presents year-round behind the award-winning glass façade real rarities on display, such as the life-size replica glass furnace and tools of Styrian glass making.

Many valuable pieces show glass-making through the centuries.

Radio Museum Hirschegg

The Radio Museum is a treasure trove for those who love technology . Mechanical ” calculators ” , a homemade electric steam engine, a homemade radio, and an original radi0 ​​recipient. The speakers operational gramophone, which 150 years old is estimated sound.

You can also see a small, but ingenious water powerplant on display!

Camping Hirschegg