Camping Hirschegg


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Guided hiking tours are also offered, as well as Nordic walking and cycling routes in the surrounding area. In addition, you can view the Lipizzaner in summer meadows from up close and pause at the Packer reservoir.

Camping Hirschegg
Take a walk on summer meadow Lipizzaner (Stubalpe). Here Young Lipizzaner stallions of the Spanish riding school spend there summer.

A unique experience in nature: free-roaming horses.

Camping Hirschegg
In the picturesque village Hirschegg we like keep the day old customs alive and we try to live in the rhythm of the earlier times.

Tradition and modernity merge into a harmonious symbiosis and leave their mark on the everyday lives of the friendly villagers.

The alpine-roses walking period lasts from mid-June to late July.

Camping Hirschegg
At the foot of the Hirscheggeralm between juicy green meadows, woods and two mountain streams, lies the village Hirschegg on a small hill about 900m to 1993m above sea level.

One can completely relax on one of the numerous farmed pastures, like Bernsteinalm, Saureisalm or Großebneralm. You can enjoy milk from the mountains and a delicious meal in the mountain huts where you will be greeted with the words: Grias’di.

Camping Hirschegg

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